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SCAF chairman Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi and his officers have never offered Egyptians a political horizon, never empowered civilian ministers, and favored fleeting tactical agreements with political groups over serious negotiations. The idea was actually the brainchild of civilians such as Judge Hisham Bastawisi — an ostensible liberal who was one of the first people to outline an enduring political role for the military — and it is unclear whether he was working with the SCAF, or whether the military simply embraced the ideas floating around in the public debate that best suited their interests.

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Regardless, there can be no democracy in Egypt without civilian control of the armed forces. Still, the drawn-out process, and hints that a presidential election would not be held until early , fueled fears that the military was growing comfortable exercising direct executive authority. No wonder, then, that Egyptians are frustrated and angry by the pace and quality of their transition. First, the officers believe what Mubarak believed — that the people demonstrating in Tahrir and elsewhere in the country do not come from that mythical and vast "silent majority," and are thus not an authentic representation of Egypt.

Second, because of their training and socialization, the officers believe they know what is best for the country.

Revolution 2.0: Wael Ghonim and the Egyptian Uprising

The battle on the streets now reflects a broader political battle for legitimacy that has been waged for months. The military — which clings to the legitimacy offered from the Free Officers coup — is engaged in a rear-guard action against competitors in the Egyptian political system. These include revolutionary groups, which may not necessarily seek power but which are the keepers of the promise of Tahrir Square. Steven A.

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  7. They provide a fascinating analysis of how online media venues shifted from being an authoritarian regime's 'safety valve' to becoming sites of resistance, empowerment and mobilization for the Egyptian people. Attending carefully to the subtle interplay of online activism and 'offline' social and political conditions, the authors shed genuine light on the meaning of, and prospects for, both cyberactivism and civic engagement more generally.

    Their book is all the more exciting because the five influential bloggers on whom they focus four men and one woman while united in heroic criticism of the Egyptian government, nonetheless differ considerably in background, style, and ideology. This book thus exposes a variety and vibrancy in the Egyptian public sphere with which many Western readers will simply be unfamiliar.

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