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Bobby was gifted with the ability to find amazing things and to geek out about the knowledge contained in the stories behind objects.

Same as my father. She wound up purchasing this painting for me — and it is now here in the living room. Who knows what that one geeky bit of trivia will lead me. Then bemoaning the lack of originality. It is very much about the feelings of critics versus the popularity of a genius ahead of his time. Of this I have zero doubt.

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I know this to be the case because we bitch at each other till the wee hours of the night about it. This is as it should be.

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That is a luxury. It is amazing. The notion that everything is available is also a grotesque statement. Additional musical numbers and more. And there are geeks that have done exactly that — and they totally rule the roost on that front. And I have to go to obscure websites for that information. Mainly so I can finally see them the proper way.

Cuz I shared that knowledge instead of hoarding it. Lovecraft yet in any sort of greater GEEK awareness level.

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Nobody has really cinematically cracked cyberpunk at the level it could be. We have not yet seen a Basil Wolverton inspired animated feature. Same with most comic characters. And you know it. You can feel it. Looks amazing. You know it. A good geek is always waiting. Painfully so. To see him with Daniel Craig being badasses? The reason I keep it intimate is so that it remains intimate. I constructed it to be hard to get into.

Because it makes it that much more special for the ones that attend. Same with books, music, art, food and life experiences in general. We literally read it together.. Any story that captures a couple that quickly and keeps you to the end.. We turned around after we read it and purchased everything the author has published so far. Didn't even bother reading the synopsis.. Prepare to be mind.. Aug 19, Jeff O'Brien rated it it was amazing. Not sure if this is a short story, a novella or a novelette, but it was fun in nothing else.

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Imagine a world with talking ants and alien meat. Sounds like a place I'd like to live. Reading Alien Autopsy Barbecue was a minor commitment with major pay off. Pay the 99 cents and enjoy! Frank Havran rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Bill Roberts rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Mar 22, Ron Fitzwater rated it liked it. It would taste better with a little less cheese. Bob Robins rated it really liked it Apr 25, Kris Lugosi marked it as to-read Aug 19, Erika Instead marked it as to-read Aug 21, FabulousRaye marked it as to-read Dec 26, Michael Mcparland marked it as to-read Jun 01, Jake marked it as to-read Nov 24, Reuben Key marked it as to-read Jan 19, Elliott marked it as to-read Aug 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About David Barker. David Barker. David Barker has published two collections of H. Lovecraft-inspired horror fiction written in collaboration with W. The Raid 2 has more story than the first film and that is not exactly a positive. That said The raid 2 is a epic action movie. Amazing ride, and awesome theater experience. The Rover.

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I mean I believe in giving back to the Book-a-shere as it were. Maybe you are not horror fan but someone in your circle of friends and family loves a good scary or a super bizarre novel. Books are a great gift, they give hours of entertainment, they look neat on the shelf and in these cases they tell good stories you are not finding in Movies and TV. Jeremy Robert Johnson:. Posted by David Agranoff at AM 1 comment:. Sunday, November 9, Bloodbath My new Death metal favorite. Full concert. Netherworld The Chronicles of Diana Furnaval 1. So one of the best ways I learned about writing Genre fiction in the early days was reading and re-reading interviews with the greats. Mick Garris is compiling years of interviews some old some new with the greats in the horror genre. Check it out. Also if you search my blog you'll find a review of his excellent book Development hell. The Specimen by Pete Kahle.