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Just like Metropolis, , Alphaville, Zardoz, Brazil, Equals, not to mention some of the films that have crossed the history of cinema, urban dystopia remains a particularly rich topic. Urban life is becoming a major challenge for the six billion urban inhabitants in anticipation of Will we be able to build a city and urban life that is humane, sustainable, and socially inclusive, with technology at the service of our quality of life?

Will we have it in our ability to counter our dangerous curve toward annihilation through climate change? Will we have had it in our ability to eliminate nuclear weapons and their potential use? It is this set of questions that now contains considerable threats. Much of the answer will come from our ability to educate, to disseminate an urban culture based on respect for others and altruism, to develop new urbanities, to transform our lifestyles, and to change the way in which we consume and produce. Stephen Hawking has warned about the progress of A. Last year, we paid tribute to the th anniversary of the publication of Utopia by Thomas More.

The English in the Southern Low Countries during the Fourteenth Century

He described a peaceful society where work, rest, and pleasure are balanced, where brotherhood reigns, where men believe in the gods of their choice, while living free and in harmony with nature. Thomas More was full of hope in mankind, and convinced of the value of democracy in a human society built by humans for humans. It is certainly beneficial to revitalize oneself with this thought, to regenerate these universal values, essential to our survival today, and to prepare for an urban world in that holds such values dear. The adaptor refers interested readers to the edition for the full story in greater detail.

Such contextualization follows the lead of Gueullette, who prefaced his edition with a lengthy description of chivalric titles Tressan cannot refrain from interjecting that he once owned an ax like the one used by the hero p. He includes references to Rabelais p. Hue without needing to, we learn p. Attempting to bridge the gap between medieval and contemporary sensibilities, Tressan appeals directly to female readers in his audience.

In Tressan, a much less manipulative young woman is the often-unwitting victim of passions that have only been partially awakened in her.

SAGE Books - Raymond Aron (–83)

There are only four main combat sequences, each a different kind of chivalric encounter that pits French chivalry against Spain, Poland, England, and the infidels in Prussia, each an opportunity for the author to offer strong opinions about national character. The Spanish, as we have seen, share superior moral attributes with the French p. The Polish charm through the nobility and simplicity of their costume, which both courtiers and ladies emulate p. The English, on the other hand, are turbulent bullies, unheeding of chivalric protocol p.

If his indulgence towards Madame may have appealed to female readers, his sympathy for the young knight may well have appealed to aristocratic men who felt blindsided by social transformations in a country on the cusp of revolution. When Jehan returns, Madame des Belles Cousines spurns him; during dinner with Madame and Jehan, the abbot insults the honor of all knights and wrestles Jehan twice to the ground. When he then lays the blue sash of loyalty that he had taken from Belles Cousines across her lap, he publically shames Madame by revealing that she is the subject of the scandalous story that the Queen and her ladies have just heard.

Et cy commenceray la fin de ce compte, priant, requerant et suppliant a toutes dames et damoiselles, bourgoises et autres, de quelque estat que soient, que toutes prenent exemple a ceste si tres noble dame oiseuse qui par druerie se perdist, et veullent bien penser au dit commun qui dist: Onques ne fut feu sans fumee, tant fust il en terre parfont. According to William Long and Peter Brecke, an event must contain the following factors if it is to be considered as having reconciliatory significance: a direct physical contact, or a certain proximity, between former enemies, generally effected by important representatives of each of the factions; a public ceremony accompanied by substantial publicity or by a significant media coverage which broadcasts the event to the whole of the national community; and ritual or symbolic behaviour indicating that the parties consider the dispute to be resolved and that relations in future will be friendly.

The entry of a governor into a city that had previously refused to open its gates answers to all these requirements.

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In the first place it puts him in contact with the different powers which are based in the city. Thus, upon his entry into Paris in November , Charles VII was presented with the provost of Paris and the provost of merchants, the magistrates and a great show of bourgeois notables in grand and rich attire; then came the bishop of Paris accompanied by leading figures from the churches of the said city; then the great president of the Parlement … and with him all the lords of the said Parlement.

They were followed by the rectors and doctors in theology and law from the University of the said city and other notable persons learned in several branches of knowledge.

Then came the lords of the Chambre des comptes. He was harangued by Talleyrand in the name of the provisional government and by M. By its very nature the reconciliatory entry represents a public manifestation in the course of which crowds throng to see the personage in question traverse the distance which will invariably lead him to Notre-Dame and seal the reconciliation between public authority and the city. The people, spread out along the streets, pursued the prince with their applause and shouts.

VEL D'HIV. Vincennes, : cent " disparus " | L'Humanité

The General himself evoked the image of a sea of people, in his recollection of some two million people assembled for the occasion. Thus the entry of a leader into the city and the accompanying ceremony bear witness to the twofold reconciliation necessary to a state and the end of civil conflict: the first is vertical and binds together authority and the inhabitants of the city; the second is horizontal and binds Parisians to each other.

The reconciliatory entry was widely publicized, all the more so because Paris, the biggest city in France, was surrendering to legitimate authority. The latter had at its disposal numerous tools for spreading the good news: letters written to its various partners in far-flung corners of the realm, official proclamations, organized festivities, pictorial representations and, finally, newspaper articles and radio broadcasts. No stone was to be left unturned in spreading this good news. The great bells were rung and a great number of joyful people were to be found there.

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Later, after the Te Deum had ended, several artillery salvoes were fired and illumination was brought to the streets and crossroads of Meaux. In the contemporary era, the modernization of the means of communication has enabled news to be spread almost instantaneously. In fact, on 27 August a religious thanksgiving service was held in New York to celebrate the event and less than two weeks later the New York Times announced that the first films about the Liberation of Paris would be shown that day.

This is especially manifest in the pardon granted to former enemies by the royal power in , and Ever since Greek antiquity, societies have used pardons—indeed the complete oblivion of misdeeds—as the pillar on which reconciliatory undertakings were to rest. The importance they attached to this gesture is also evident in their desire to reserve for themselves the right of pardon, over which they had possessed a monopoly since the beginning of the sixteenth century. In the preamble to the constitutional Charter of , Louis XVIII affirmed that: in thus attempting to rejoin the links of time, which had been broken by fateful divisions, we have erased from our memory, as we would wish that they might also be erased from history, all the ills that have afflicted our homeland during our absence … The wish closest to our heart is that all French people live together as brothers, and bitter memory will not disturb the security which must follow the solemn act we grant them today.

The dynamic of civil conflict within a republican regime is rather different. When a party rises up against the king it rises up against the person of the monarch, who alone enjoys the authority that decides the fate to be meted out to his enemies. In a republic, or a democracy, crimes are committed against the totality of the citizens who form the nation. Violence is no longer directed against the king or his ministers but against the social whole, which will want to react to it.

As early as the eighteenth century, at the instigation of the thinkers of the Enlightenment, the general conception of justice was beginning to change, in that punishment of the criminal in the name of retributive justice was gradually winning approval. They can compete with higher interest rates and better services. What about the risk of bank runs?

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It exists. But consider that people run when they believe that cash withdraws are honored on a first-come-first-serve basis—the early bird gets the worm. Digital currency, instead, because it can be distributed much more easily than cash, could reassure even the person left lying on the couch! In addition, if depositors are running to foreign assets, they will also shun the digital currency. And in many countries, there are already liquid and safe assets to run toward—think of mutual funds that only hold government bonds.

So, the jury is still out on whether digital currencies would really upset financial stability. If digital currency became too popular, it might ironically stifle innovation. Where is your role if the central bank offers a full-service solution, from digital wallet, to token, to back-end settlement services? What if, instead, central banks entered a partnership with the private sector—banks and other financial institutions—and said: you interface with the customer, you store their wealth, you offer interest, advice, loans. But when it comes time to transact, we take over. This partnership could take various forms.

Banks and other financial firms, including startups, could manage the digital currency. Much like banks which currently distribute cash.

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Or, individuals could hold regular deposits with financial firms, but transactions would ultimately get settled in digital currency between firms. Similar to what happens today, but in a split second.

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All nearly for free. And anytime. The advantage is clear. Your payment would be immediate, safe, cheap, and potentially semi-anonymous.

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As you wanted. And central banks would retain a sure footing in payments. In addition, they would offer a more level playing field for competition, and a platform for innovation. Home Vento di cambiamento Italian Edition. Free download.