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When she attacks Twilight, Twilight's friends shield her and inadvertently activate the magic of friendship. They defeat Sunset Shimmer, who is remorseful for her actions.

After the dance, Twilight and Spike return to Equestria. Twilight feels more confident about being a princess than before. She bumps into Flash Sentry , who she encountered several times in the human world, and blushes. Twilight's friends tease her for having a crush, but she denies it.

In the film, the reformed Sunset Shimmer uses a magical book to write a note to Princess Celestia that magically appears in a book in Celestia's library. When Twilight sees this book, she senses that her CHS friends need her help, so she and Spike go through a modified version of the Crystal Mirror to return to the human world.

Once there, Twilight is told of the situation at CHS while also revealing her new status back home in Equestria as the Princess of Friendship. Twilight learns that her human friends are still able to assume half-pony forms after she returned home with the Element of Magic. She attempts to take out the Dazzlings at the pre-Battle of the Bands party immediately, only to find the magic of friendship not working.

Believing that they need a counter-spell song to counteract the Dazzlings' song, Twilight struggles to come up with one as the Rainbooms battle their way to the finals to buy Twilight more time. When they are dropped into the basement of the amphitheater stage by Trixie and the Illusions , under encouragement from the Dazzlings, Twilight gives up hope, only to discover that the reason the magic of friendship never worked was because the Rainbooms had allowed a few disagreements to drive a rift into their friendships. That caused the magic of friendship to become warped into something the Dazzlings could feed upon and render it powerless.

Afterward, Twilight returns home to Equestria, but thanks to how she was able to re-energize the portal, she can come back to visit anytime she wants.

Sunset also takes it upon herself to write her friendship reports into her old journal for Twilight to read back in Equestria. After the credits roll, the human world's Twilight pieces together some strange events that occurred at Canterlot High School. She talks to her non-sentient dog Spike. This version of Twilight looks extremely different as she has her hair in a bun and wears thick black glasses, similar to how pony Twilight is dressed when she plays a therapist to Rainbow Dash in Lesson Zero. Twilight appears in her human form in Shake Your Tail , where she helps her friends come up with a theme for a dance at Canterlot High.

She comes up with a classroom theme, but that idea does not sit well with the others. She later performs at the dance with the Rainbooms. At one point, she gives Fluttershy a Discord plushie, but Fluttershy smacks it with a Whack-a-Mole hammer. She and Fluttershy spend most of the short trying to find the others. They finally reunite at the photo booth, taking some photos before leaving for the stage to perform. In one photo montage, Twilight and Applejack drag a crying Fluttershy into a haunted house. However, Applejack and Twilight end up getting scared themselves while Fluttershy shows indifference towards it.

The final scene shows Twilight and her friends looking through the photos on top of a ferris wheel. In the novelization, Twilight is actually still in Equestria and, in the end, imagines that she is performing with her Canterlot High friends. In the former, she briefly appears in a flashback offering her hand to Sunset Shimmer after her defeat. In the latter, she performs the titular song with the Rainbooms, singing the first verse on piano, and happily interacts with Sunset Shimmer.

The Twilight from Equestria does not appear until the very end of the movie, where she explains that she did not respond to Sunset's letters because she was dealing with a time travel loop, referring to the events of Parts 1 and 2. She calls it the "strangest thing that ever happened to [her]". Human Twilight only sheepishly waves at her counterpart from Equestria.

Sunset tells Twilight that she has a desire for more than intramural sports and is actually considering returning to Equestria. Twilight assures Sunset that the portal is always open for her to return. Later, the waitress arrives with Twilight's order, but she only has Equestrian bits as money.

Sunset pays for her, saying she can pay her back when she comes to Equestria. While Princess Twilight does not appear in Mirror Magic , she is alluded to throughout. In the beginning, Sunset writes to her in her journal, but unfortunately she runs out of pages. When Sunset returns to Equestria, Starlight Glimmer gives Sunset a new journal in Twilight's absence, saying she and the rest of the Mane Six were called away to solve a friendship problem.

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Starlight then follows Sunset through the Crystal Mirror, claiming that Twilight won't mind. At the end of the special, Twilight writes Sunset back in her replacement journal and gives Starlight permission to stay in the human world for a few more days. In the hour-long special Forgotten Friendship , Twilight helps Sunset solve the mystery of her friends' memories being erased, and she eventually traces the cause to a magical artifact that Clover the Clever buried in the human world called the Memory Stone.

At Twilight's encouragement, Sunset also reconciles with Princess Celestia. When Sunset arrives with human Twilight and Rainbow Dash in pony form, she tells them stories about her and her friends' adventures in Equestria. She also lends them the Staff of Sacanas to quell a magic lightning storm after some of the Storm King's magic leaks into the human world. At the end of the special, Twilight appears again when Sunset brings the stranded cruise passengers to Equestria.

Princess Twilight appears in the special explaining to Sunset from the journal about the Time Twirler. When the city is invaded by the Storm King 's forces, led by Tempest Shadow , Twilight and her friends escape to seek out the "Queen of the Hippos"—later specified to be Queen Novo of the Hippogriffs—for help, as per Celestia's instructions. During their journey, they are nearly sold into slavery by Capper and thrown overboard Captain Celaeno 's airship. When they find Novo in Seaquestria and she refuses to help save their home, Twilight resorts to attempting to steal her Pearl of Transformation, resulting in her and her friends' banishment from Seaquestria when she gets caught.

After a heated falling-out with her friends, Twilight is captured by Tempest and brought back to Canterlot, where the Storm King uses the Staff of Sacanas to drain her and the other princesses' magic. Twilight saves Tempest from being swept up by the Storm King's tornado when he betrays her, and Twilight's friends arrive to rescue her and liberate Canterlot. Twilight and her friends eventually succeed in defeating the Storm King, and she restores Tempest with the staff after she sacrifices herself to save them from his final attack.

In the end, Canterlot is restored, the Friendship Festival resumes, and Twilight and her friends befriend Tempest. In the IDW comics sixth story arc , she ventures into various books in an attempt to fix their stories. In Reflections , Twilight and her friends travel to another dimension and help a good King Sombra defeat evil versions of Celestia and Luna. In The Root of the Problem , she helps an Everfree Forest colony of deer stop the deforestation efforts of a construction crew.

In Ponyville Days , she organizes the Ponyville Days festival and stops a feud between two warring pony factions. In From the Shadows , Twilight battles a mysterious pony named Shadow Lock and tries to stop him from erasing Equestria's valuable historical records. In Wings Over Yakyakistan , she and her friends get involved in a dispute between the dragons and yaks.

In Convocation of the Creatures!

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Summer Mane initially treats Twilight with rudeness and hostility, but the two eventually bond over their love of books. Summer Mane is later revealed to be famous author Jade Singer , and Twilight helps her reconnect with Celestia. Twilight also makes minor and supporting appearances in Issue 3 , Issue 4 , Issue 5 , Issue 7 , and Issue 9. In Issue 17 , an overworked and over-stressed Twilight turns to Big McIntosh for help with dealing with her problems.

In Issue 25 , she helps Rainbow Dash recover her stolen wings from a trio of vindictive unicorns. In Issue 30 , she helps Princess Cadance overcome a sudden lack of self-esteem. In the My Little Pony Holiday Special comic, she and Spike become snowed in at the Canterlot train station and pass the time by reading holiday storybooks. By virtue of her brother's marriage to Princess Cadance, Twilight was listed as royalty in trading cards of Cadance and Shining Armor before the finale of season three.

Dutiful and intelligent, Twilight Sparkle is obsessed with one thing: studying magic! She once studied so much, she made no time for anypony else. That is until her mentor, Princess Celestia charged her with the study of a special kind of magic friendship! Newly converted to the joys of having friends, she uses her knowledge and unusually powerful gift for magical spells to help her companions in Ponyville.

At Its Core, the 'Twilight' Saga Is a Story About ________

Though sometimes she gets on her "high horse" about what's right or wrong, her eagerness to learn and lend a helping hoof endear her to her new friends in Ponyville, and when the going gets tough, her big brain and love for her friends transform her into a natural born leader!

Meet Princess Twilight Sparkle! Twilight was once charged by Princess Celestia to learn about the magic of friendship and report her findings to her royal highness. Her magic increased until the day she grew wings and became a princess! The ponies of Ponyville look up to Twilight for her intelligence and admire her courtly background.

As a natural-born leader, Twilight cleverly utilizes all her friends' skills and talents to achieve their mission, and oftentimes discovers new things about herself and all her amazing friends! Twilight Sparkle isn't exactly feeling like herself these days. Still, the brains of most operations, this perky princess won't let anything get into her way.

Even if that means transporting to another universe to reunite old friends, expose Canterlot High's most feared villain, and unite the masses before the Fall Formal so she can take home the crown. But it's all in a day's work for Twilight Sparkle, and she will use all the skills she has: her determination, her charm, and her intelligence to get the job done. Well, that, and a little bit of magic! When her friends need her, no one shines like Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle's superstar style sets her apart as the lead singer of The Rainbooms. With the magic of friendship on her side, she helps her friends defeat the villainous band, The Dazzlings, before they take over Canterlot High.

Though her attention to detail can become extreme at times, Twilight's eagerness to lend a helping hoof endears her to her friends.

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  • She's become an expert not only in magic, but in friendship too, which has transformed her into a powerful Alicorn princess -- a Unicorn with wings. Meet Twilight Sparkle! She loves to read and study. The Royal Princess Celestia of Equestria has charged Twilight with learning something new: the meaning of friendship!

    She has a powerful gift for magical spells and uses it to lead her new friends through adventures in Ponyville. There's no problem Twilight Sparkle can't solve, especially with the help of other ponies, a little bit of magic and guidance from Princess Celestia. Several versions of Twilight Sparkle are characters in Gameloft's mobile game, with the main version starting as a unicorn before becoming an Alicorn. Twilight Sparkle : Princess Celestia's most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle loves to study and wants to learn everything about the magic of friendship.

    Or don't.