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Go now. The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro. The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley. The Mermaid of Brooklyn by Amy Shearn. Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.

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Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany. The Possibility of You by Pamela Redmond. The Obvious Game by Rita Arens. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler.

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How Do I Decide? Self-Publishing vs. Romance, art, monasticism and murder in Umbria, Hoffman has specialised in creating atmospheric historical novels, filled with intrigue Author: Publisher: Penguin. This selection of Poe's short fiction demonstrates his intense interest in aesthetic issues and the astonishing power and imagination with which he probed the darkest corners of the human mind. Orphaned alley cat Aldwyn is bought by Jack, a likeable young wizard, and has a home and family at last.

But when Jack is kidnapped, Aldwyn and his fellow familiars must rescue him. A joyous picture book about the importance of family and all the strength it can give you, this celebrates family in all its wonderful, diverse glory. The message is subtle, but a crucial one: every family is special and the only thing that matters is love. Author: Ben Okri Publisher: Vintage. The Famished Road is the story of a spirit child Azaro.

Azaro meaning 'born to die' has been born to his parents many a times only to die shortly after birth. Mammoth has a problem. He's terribly hungry. His tiny friend Bug brings him food, but one gulp later, it's gone - and Mammoth is gloomy and starving, all over again. A charming, comical, rhyming tale of two unlikely friends. John Green tackles the subject of teenage cancer with sensitivity in this witty, life-affirming young adult romance. Children quake in the darkness as they hear the terrifying roar of the fearsome beastie as it searches for food The first part of J R R Tolkien's epic masterpiece The Lord of the Rings , this is the story of young hobbit Frodo Baggins, who finds himself faced with an immense and terrible duty.

Dunmore has spun a magical story to show how a small boy in a remote island setting who misses his Dad is reassured by a make-believe trip to visit him in the Far North. Author: Norman Mailer Publisher: Penguin. When crisis strikes, a girl convinces her brother that they are the stars of a film to protect him from the harsh realities of their new life. Darcy might be a dolphin, but her daily life at school and home will be incredibly relatable to primary school children. Author: John Stephens Publisher: Doubleday.

Author: David Almond Publisher: Hachette. When Bobby begins a new school and endures sadistic cruelty at the hands of his new teachers, he is drawn away from his old friends and towards newcomer Daniel.

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Author: Jan Pienkowski Publisher: Penguin. Jan Pienkowski's silhouette illustrations lend an air of mystery and drama to this text, taken from the King James Bible.

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The message is that working as a team is the best way forward. From the moment that Mary conceives Jesus to his birth in a humble stable, the Nativity is depicted simply and with great beauty in this five double-page spread pop-up book. A delightful gift book. This book is testament to Blake's belief that all children need to be able find themselves in books. When her new baby brothers are born critically ill, Jess becomes convinced that the strange and beautiful flask in Aunt Edie's desk has the power to help them. In a bright meadow full of fruit and flowers, a boy plays a flute that sounds full of magic.

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This poetic book is the second in a series of books for babies and toddlers about musical instruments from around the world and how they make us feel and move. Energetic illustrations and some lift-the-flap sections add interest as the humble housefly buzzes through this lively book. Author: Nick Sharratt Publisher: Walker. Author: Marcus Sedgwick Publisher: Hachette. But can she really change the future? What will happen when the fourth and final rider appears, will his appearance signal the end of the world? This sweet story weaves Morpurgo's effortless storytelling with ancient and very recent history: Leicester City's win of the Premiership title.

Beautiful illustrations make it a lovely gift: football fans, history fans and fox fans are all taken care of here. Author: Victoria Williamson Publisher: Kelpies. Told in dual narrative, this story follows Reema and Caylin as they negotiate a shaky friendship: one, an asylum seeker from Syria, and the other, a girl whose mum is struggling to cope. A truly excellent and ultimately uplifting book with plenty of heart.

A clever and thoughtful picture book showing how much fun the older generation can be and the valuable contribution they can make to young lives. Author: Jon Scieszka Publisher: Penguin. After the Princess kissed the frog, he turned into a handsome prince, and they lived happily ever after… or did they? Hannah and her brother Benjy are on holiday. But instead of relaxing, Hannah is terrified: convinced there's something dreadful in her room. The suspense builds chillingly in this pared-down, atmospheric ghost story.

Is it fiction or non-fiction? You decide! This highly interactive book mixes together real and made-up facts about pets, with hilarious results.

Packed with cartoon-style illustrations, The Funny Life of Pets is a comical take on how to choose and care for a pet. At the end of Edward Lear's much loved poem, the happily married Owl and the Pussy-cat are dancing hand-in-hand on the edge of the sand Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson has turned her hand to children's books in this new continuation of Peter Rabbit's adventures. Author: Publisher: Faber Children's Books. Cal, Brick and Daisy are three very different teenagers, living very different lives, but one horrific day they are thrown together in unimaginable circumstances.

Author: Publisher: Catnip.

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This gently humorous chapter book was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize ; black and white line drawings add to its appeal and the length is perfect for emerging readers. This lovely new series of baby books includes games with art, patterns and light, all designed to get very young children to have fun with exploring and using their imagination. This pacy coming-of-age adventure concentrates on the private hopes, dreams and feelings that drive its characters along, but also keeps enough sense of the gritty realities of street life.

Alfie's parents are very silly, and it's no time at all until young Alfie shows common sense beyond his years. Soon, he is headteacher, town mayor and prime minister of the country - all before his ninth birthday. Giggles and guffaws aplenty.