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Whicher seems to be close to solving the case and returns to the asylum where he is accused of being mentally unstable and after a struggle is strapped into a straitjacket and locked up at the instigation of Dr Casement Alistair Petrie and Inspector Lock. Stephen Gann's grandfather is also an inmate in the asylum.

He finally reveals the identity of Susan Spencer's father's murderer. It was his other son, Gann's wealthy uncle, Thomas, who was also the father of Mary Drew. Whicher makes his escape and confronts those responsible for her murder in a chilling finale. Sir Edward wants Whicher to look into threats made against his son Charles, who has recently returned to London from India with his wife and children.

Charles is being pursued by Asim Jabour, an Indian seeking money or revenge, now passing as a lascar Indian sailor in the Docklands. Sir Edward wants the affair dealt with secretly, not by the police. But then Asim is found murdered, and Whicher demands that the Shores tell him the whole story and identify the dead man to the police. Whicher's investigation uncovers betrayal and interracial secrets in both Docklands and upper-class London. The historic Chatham Dockyard in Kent was used as a film location for some of the London streets and docks.

Whicher follows a married woman through London to a secret assignation. He is bearing witness to an open and shut case that will lead to divorce for Sir Henry Coverley from his wife Lady Jane. But, when the co-respondent is killed, a simple case soon spirals out of control, embracing love, desire, gambling, corruption, theft and an illicit passion that leads to murder.

Paddy Considine Detective Jack Whicher Peter Capaldi Samuel Kent Tom Georgeson Superintendent Foley William Beck Mary Kent Tim Pigott-Smith Commissioner Mayne Kate O'Flynn Elizabeth Gough Donald Sumpter Stapleton Alexandra Roach Constance Kent Jay Simpson George Redman Peter Gordon Holcombe Charlie Hiett William Kent Sarah Ridgeway Sarah Cox Ben Crompton William Nutt Ruairi Conaghan Benger Anthony Hunt Constable Urch Julian Firth MP Richard Lintern Henry Ludlow Katy Murphy Holley Beth Cooke Archived from the original on 28 January Retrieved 28 January The Guardian.

Retrieved 22 January The Daily Telegraph. The Independent on Sunday. Retrieved 23 January Radio Times. Charles Dickens.

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The Old Curiosity Shop. Tiny Tim Cratchit. Richard Cunningham. The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Christmas Eve. Jacob Marley collects from Grandfather, who is soon relieved at Nell's recovery from an illness. Amelia Havisham learns from Mr Jaggers that she has inherited most of her late father's estate; her brother Arthur, angered by the news, stages a confrontation that his accomplice, Meriwether Compeyson, acting the innocent passerby, curtails before escorting Amelia to Satis House.

At Marley's request, Fagin has Sikes bring Nancy to the moneylender's house. Bob Cratchit scrounges together a supper for his family. Marley is found murdered in a dockside alley.

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Christmas Day. Mr Venus examines and identifies Marley's body for Inspector Bucket, and finds a piece of wood in the dead man's head wound. Edward Barbary will not tell daughter Honoria of their financial troubles. Inspector Bucket discovers that Marley's wallet is missing and that he had last had an appointment with someone noted only as "C".

Amelia rejects Compeyson's proposal to act as a peaceful intermediary in her dispute with Arthur. Peter Cratchit gives Nell a present that is also a token of his affection. Frances learns of her sister Honoria's secret romance with Captain Hawdon. Compeyson tells Arthur that, after Amelia showed him the door, he is now determined to financially ruin her.

Bill Sikes is taken into custody after Inspector Bucket finds a wooden cosh on his premises. Compeyson presses Arthur for money in order to better impersonate a man of means when he next sees Amelia.

Frances destroys a note for Captain Hawdon that would have seen him receive a promotion to major , elevating him and her sister. Amelia beseeches Arthur to come home but he resentfully refuses because she will not renounce their father's will. Arthur procures a loan from Scrooge to pay Compeyson. Honoria learns of her family's dire financial straits.

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Fagin, it's revealed, is in possession of Marley's wallet. Marley is given a common burial. Nancy tells Inspector Bucket that her bruised face is because of Marley and she too eagerly offers an alibi for Sikes. Jaggers informs Arthur of a codicil decreeing that, should he act antagonistic to the business, his inheritance will be forfeit. Sir Leicester is enthralled by Honoria at first sight.

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Martha and John's wedding approaches. Arthur joins Amelia for the grand New Year's reception but Compeyson intrudes, icily snubbing Amelia. Jaggers tells Inspector Bucket that Marley had wanted to leave his partnership with Scrooge. As the new year arrives with the chimes of midnight, Arthur, drunk, stumbles into Sikes, who pickpockets his watch and wallet, selling them to Fagin. Compeyson insinuates himself with Captain Hawdon to get closer to Honoria and Amelia.

Edward puts up his house as collateral for a loan from Scrooge. Inspector Bucket scours Marley's ledger for clues. Sir Leicester dashes Frances' hopes when he tells her he is smitten with her sister instead. Compeyson steals Amelia's dog, staging a public rescue of it from the wheels of a passing coach; he apologizes to Amelia for his rudeness and implies his love for her.

Just as Bob is about to escort Martha to her wedding, Inspector Bucket arrives to arrest him for murdering Marley. Bob Cratchit tells Bucket that he was scrounging for food when Marley was murdered but admits he crossed out the loan to him noted in Marley's ledger—money for him to replace the necklace that his wife, Emily, will give Martha—and that Marley docked his wages. Compeyson continues to toy with Amelia's feelings.


Mrs Bumble needles Mr Bumble to raise them up. Bob transferred the loan to his own book, his ledger shows, so Bucket allows him to attend his daughter's wedding.

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Frances introduces Sir Leicester to Honoria and tells her to encourage him, for James Hawdon is unsuitable. Amelia's cousin Matthew Pocket visits, so she calls off her business meeting with Compeyson. After Martha and John's wedding celebration, Martha returns the necklace to her mother and Bob returns to the station, where he is locked up. Bucket lets him go after Emily pleads for Bob's release, saying that he was home by 9 on the night of Marley's murder. Emily pawns the necklace at Nell's shop so that Bob will not be in debt to Scrooge.

Bucket tells Venus that Bob Cratchit remains a suspect, especially now that his wife has lied for him. Inspector Bucket sets his sights on Silas Wegg. The Artful Dodger steals for Sikes, then secretly reports on him to Fagin. Bob Cratchit repays his loan but Scrooge says he shall punish him nonetheless. The Dodger spies on Sikes playing the gentleman to win Nancy's heart.

Matthew, whom Amelia has now involved with the brewery, meets Arthur and Compeyson at the tavern. Mrs Bumble rewrites her husband's letter to the board, inviting a Mr Gradgrind to a feast at their establishment. Scrooge will make Bob work late every night. Compeyson fools Matthew into trusting him, then orchestrates his rescue during a drunken dare of jumping between rooftops.