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In fact, it left a bitter aftertaste. Buoyed by his success, Thompson added carbonation in the form of soda water. The year was Moxie drinkers loved the fizz and seemed to get used to the bitter taste.

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Experts say it takes three sips before you want to spit it out. I have yet to pass that stage. To drink an entire can requires inner fortitude, much like surviving a long Maine winter.

Confronting Mental Illness: It Takes a Man with Moxie | Taboos/ Stigmas

Despite the bitter aftertaste, Moxie boasts thousands of loyal followers. Carbonated Moxie was first sold in , making it the oldest carbonated drink in the country. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Her trademark humor is self-effacing to a fault. She shies away from controversy and showers guests with gifts.

Ellen endured painful public rejection at the height of her career not because of any terrible misdeed, but because of who she was. It takes moxie to get through something like that and come out the other side radiating love and gratitude. People with moxie are honest, even if it costs them.

In the late 90s, Ellen was at the top of her game. On The Ellen Show , she was the delightful girl-next-door, a character not too far from her own self. So, she decided that both she and her character would come out. What followed was historic.

Confronting Mental Illness: It Takes a Man with Moxie

While many lauded her decision, many others protested it. Within a year, her award-winning show was canceled, as was an attempt to revive it several seasons later. So I decided to be honest about who I was. It takes moxie to take a risk of that magnitude.

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But she chose to tell the truth, and blaze a trail instead. People with moxie just keep swimming.

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Life post-coming out was anything but smooth for Ellen. She found herself in the deep, deep depths of depression.

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Then a little blue fish happened along to help her find her way out.