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A true cowboy at heart, Benton spent over 26 years on active military duty with the United States Air Force and retired in with the rank of Senior Master Sergeant E You can discover more about W. Benton by visiting his website, www. A novelist, screenwriter, and television personality, Paul Bishop recently finished a 35 year career with the Los Angeles Police Department where he was twice honored as Detective Of The Year.

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He continues to work privately as a deception expert and as a specialist in the investigation of sex crimes. His novels are currently available as e-books. Peter Brandvold has written over seventy fast-action westerns under his own name and his pennames, Frank Leslie and Tabor Evans. He is the head honcho of Mean Pete Press, which has set out to repub in ebook form some of Pete's early westerns and new, pulp-style westerns of the spicy and weird variety.

David Whitehead is a prolific English writer and publisher. It marked not only the first appearance of his popular continuing character, freelance fighting man Carter O'Brien, but also the first time he used his best-known pseudonym, Ben Bridges. In addition to this he writes romantic fiction as Janet Whitehead and has co-authored numerous thrillers including three acclaimed Sherlock Holmes novels with Hollywood screenwriter Steve Hayes. David's entire back-catalog is now available on Kindle, where all of his westerns are now being reissued under the Ben Bridges byline.

For more details about David's work, please go to www. Stephen Burckhardt is a pen name for Shari Dianne Burckhardt. Shari was born in Wichita, KS and raised in and around the Wichita area. For a while, Shari lived on a ranch near Benton, KS. It was during these years when she fell in love with all things western. At a young age, Shari learned to care for farm animals, ride horses, and shoot guns. Being a proud member of the Cherokee Nation only deepened her interest in history. Shari attended Wichita State University and earned a degree in journalism and became certified in forensic criminology.

One month before graduating with the certification, Shari had an accident which caused her to have seven surgeries in six months, six of which were brain surgeries. It took years to recover after so much brain trauma and her previous career choices did not seem attainable at that time. While working in a health food store in , Shari met and then married her husband, Pedro. The couple was married in the Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita. Shari had to rebuild her career again.

It was then when she turned back to writing. Writing was a passion and a neurological rehabilitation therapy for Shari.

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She began as a freelancer finding odd jobs online. This project was so much fun to write, Shari decided to write westerns under her own pen name. Having been a fan of TV serials as a child, Shari decided to write her westerns as a cliffhanger serial. The first serial is the Into the West Saga Serial. Book three, Into the West: Sharon Springs, will be released soon.

Print books can be found at the same location. A new contemporary western entitled "The Badge and the Bible" is featured there as is a traditional western entitled "Hounded.

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Terry is married to Saundra Burns, has five kids, ten grandkids and four great grands ranging from 24 years of age down to one month. Marc grew up in North Central Texas and, in a previous life, served as a police officer in a small city there. To make ends meet he apprenticed as a horse shoer and farrier and eventually had his own business-- until a friend pointed out that a man who is six feet tall and can't make a living with his head higher than his butt is not a very smart man.

About that time a position opened on the police department's mounted horse patrol where Marc served until getting a job with the feds where he spent over twenty-one years. Along the way, he has written Though Westerns and the West remain his first love, he is presently neck deep in a Thriller series about a hard charging government agent who rides motorcycles and battles terrorists. He lives in Alaska with his wife, blue heeler dog and BMW motorcycle.

Born and raised in Missouri near the banks of the Mississippi, A. Steven Clark teaches economics and environmental courses while writing and telling stories part-time. One of his songs was featured on the nationally syndicated Dr.

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Demento radio show. Clark lives with his wife in St. Charles, Missouri. His hobbies are hiking, playing and singing Americana music, collecting ghost stories, and throwing knives. Through a crazy twist of fate, Caroline Clemmons was not born on a Texas ranch. To make up for this tragic error, she writes about handsome cowboys, feisty ranch women, and scheming villains in a small office her family calls her pink cave.

She and her Hero live in North Central Texas cowboy country where they ride herd on their rescued cats and dogs. The books she creates there have made her an Amazon bestselling author and won several awards. Click on her Amazon Author Page for a complete list of her books and follow her there. Follow her on BookBub.


Jim was born on November 25, , in Essex, Missouri. He was the youngest of five siblings. His family moved six times before he entered third grade but finally settled in his birth town of Essex, a small town of five hundred people in the flat river bottoms of southeastern Missouri. After his father's death, Jim, along with his mother and youngest sister, moved into his grandparents' home when he was twelve.

Money was scarce for the next few years but memories were built that have lasted a lifetime. Jim sat in awe as his grandpa told hour-long stories of his growing up years. Perhaps, a few small embellishments were added to enhance the effect. It was during this time, Jim first started telling stories. The car ride to visit family in Essex was an eight hour journey, occurring during holidays, twice a year. Telling stories to his four children was treasured, but somewhat limited due to Jim's busy work schedule. However, when his grandchildren appeared, time was taken to shape their minds with colorful tales almost daily.

There was no end to the hundreds of stories told in bedrooms, playrooms, cars, or outside sitting on the grass. Often times, neighbor kids joined them with wide eyes and big ears. Jim has accepted the challenge from his children to record some of his stories for the generations of tomorrow. His writings will promote the need to live a good life with high morals as his vocal tales have always conveyed.


His hope is to create the same excitement through script as through his vocal words. Jim resides in Syracuse, Indiana, with his wife, Wilma. BILL is the author of more than fifty published novels and numerous short stories. He has also published short stories in the western and horror genres in eZines such as Frontier Tales and the Lovecraft eZine.

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  4. Born and raised outside of Washington, D. In a farming community in west Tennessee, John Neely Davis was known as one of the premier riders of unruly stick horses. Between the ages of three and seven, he was thrown only once and that by an exceptionally rank sassafras. So, his love of the west was nurtured.


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    His interest in the west continued and was intensified by the years of living in Amarillo and working in the Southwest. He has authored two novels with Appalachian themes and contributed to various anthologies. More than half century ago, he was banished from The University of Tennessee for disinterest, impulsiveness, and poor spelling. Winner of the Peacemaker and Spur awards, Patrick Dearen is the author of twenty-one books. A native of Sterling City, Texas, he earned a bachelor of journalism from The University of Texas in and received several awards as a reporter for two West Texas daily newspapers.

    Dearen wears two hats. His other novels include Perseverance. A ragtime pianist and backpacking enthusiast, Dearen makes his home in Midland, Texas, with his wife Mary and their son Wesley. Wayne lives in the once-notorious old cowtown of Ogallala, on the hinge of Nebraska's panhandle. A widower, retired from a managerial position in the magnetics industry, Dundee now devotes full time to his writing. To date, he has had over twenty novels and more than three dozen short stories published. Most of his early work featured his PI protagonist, Joe Hannibal. Titles in the Hannibal series have been translated into several languages and nominated for an Edgar, an Anthony, and six Shamus Awards.

    Dundee is also the founder and original editor of Hardboiled Magazine. In recent years Dundee has branched into the Western genre and has gained a growing following there. Dundee is planning more Westerns as well as further novels and stories featuring Joe Hannibal, and hopes to also find time to explore other genres. Could be. Website: www.