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The ESL program provides extra English language support for students whose first language is not English. ESL help on Youtube!

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She plans to bring innovation to the curriculum in how teachers. Features administration and news related to James B. Approaches to syllabus design for foreign language teaching. Hire a Ghostwriter; The following is a free example of an English Teacher resume that you can copy and edit Home Esl curriculum vitae ghostwriting for hire uk. Custom speech ghostwriters website uk admission on zoology descriptive essay on math esl curriculum vitae proofreading sites for mba popular university. The ESL curriculum checksheet contains a detailed summary of the program and its.

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Top university ghostwriter sites gb esl blog post ghostwriter websites gb management editor for hire best dissertation. Page 1 of For college esl curriculum vitae writers website ca academic editing websites ca. Brattleboro, Vermont U. In the fall of , David Hopkins, Technical Program Manager of the Consor- tium, proposed the development of a teacher's handbook which would reflect' the curriculum of the English as a Second Language Component of the Consor- tium training program for Indochiriese refugees in Panat'Nikom, Thailand.

Peter Loverde contributed, a section on' comparing langua-ges.

Carol Richardson provided information for the. Pamorn Imkaew did the cover illustration. Suchada Fu- charoen did the lettering and helped with preparation of the manuscript. The handbook began long before the Writing Project, though, and is in fact the culmination of more than two years of curriculum development in Panat Nikom. There are several people who were directly involved who deserve special mention and thanks. James Higbie wrote the Topical and Structural Activities for Intermediate and Advanced Learners which contained the revised curriculum, which was adapted for this handbook.

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Jimmy G. Harris contributed the section on minimal sets. Housing 1 t '. Directions 77 9. Shopping 1 s 85 " Housing 2 Shopping 2 ' Transportation -. Post Off. Drugstore - Job Skills Banking Housing 3 s 21 5 Finance Life ' Reference to Southeast Asian Regional Curriculum 2. Reference 'to Books and Materials 3. Student- Questions about American Culture 5.

Forms, 'and Bills 6. Comparing Languages 7. Southeast Asian Pronunciation Problems 8. Minimal Sets : '. It contains an organized curriculum of lessons, a section on lesson planning and techniques; and an appendix of supporting materials. It is- designed to clearly show teachers what they have to teach, present ideas for teaching and provide hel pfiftl information. The handbook is for teachers -who are teaching the entire curriculum as part of a training program, or for teachers who would like to incor- porate a few lessons into"an already-established curriculum.

Although the primary audience is teachers, program supervisors or teacher trainers may also find this handbook useful. The handbook consists of four parts: 1. This provides information about the training program for refugees that led to the development of the 'handbook. It also explains how to use the handbook. Learning and Teaching, Language. There are information and questions to challenge teachers to - state why they do what they do in the classroom. Lesson Planning and Techniques. There is al so a selection of teaching techniques that can be used in teaching jttfe curriculum.

Appendix , this contains supplemental information, e.

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Although certain decisions have been concerning wfiat to teach, it is up to teachers to decide how to teach these lessons. Entioy the handbook! Everything needed was produced by hand.

If -they learned a second language they did so by working alongside visitors from other villages. They learned by example. This book originated as part of a refugee training program for people who came primarily from rural' villages or small towns in Laos snd Cambodia.

In the case of the Hmong, Mien, Tai Dam and other ,Hi 11 tribes people, they had lived outside the world of modern tech- nology. Few, if any, had ever had formal education. In the first ten units of the curriculum, there" is frequent reference to the students' own culture. Items students are already familiar with are used in the classroom.

In addition, students are asked'to describe their culture and explain their relationship to it.

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The move to a fast-paced urban culture means many transitions. We felt students needed familiar reference points along the way--especial ly in the beginning— to ease their entry into the new language and culture. Language and concepts are introduced then reviewed and reworked in following units. E leve l competencies and language are included in D 1 eve!

Literacy reflects the minimum A level and 13 level students need for situational competence.

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Teachers, trainers, consultants and friends were patt of months of continual writing, rewriting and field-testing of the curriculum The uniits in this handbook reflect the -experience and hard work of those involved in this project. Our hope is that it. The first ten units. The next twenty work with those in a variety of situations an adult will likely be exposed to on arrival in the. United States. Each unit consists of: 1. A unit introduction 2.

Chunks of language 3. A grammar point 4. A pronunciation record 5. Cultural information 6. A literacy focus and options 7. Notes and variations on games, activities and ideas for teaching 9. Reading and writing competencies are not listed here. In this unit, students learn how to describe their Jobs and also identify their skills- for others. To describe the past occupation! To indicate mean', used jetting to work.

Each chunk appears on a separate page with an indication of the appropriate situation and a summary of the competencies. Each underlined word appears at the bottom of the page followed by alternatives. This is a box. Parts of some exchanges include parentheses. Ex4:" What's this?

Here, the parentheses indicate that "a box" is acceptable but the. Some questions are answered by a pair of parentheses only. That is a box. That's a box.

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Blank spaces in a pattern indicate that something needs to be added to make the pattern complete. Is this a? The language along the left side of the concentric boxes is the language the student is expected to understand.