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  3. Partita No. 3 - Bass scored for 1 Instrument/Continuo.

Arranger August Wilhelmj — Berlin: Schlesinger Lienau , n. Plate S.

More about A Schenkerian Analysis of “Preludio” from Bach’s Unaccompanied Violin Partita No. 3

Arranger Alexandre Guilmant Paris: Durand , n. Plate A.

Original Format

Arranger Sergei Rachmaninoff — New York: Charles Foley , This file is from the MIT archive project. Arranger Joachim Raff Leipzig: J. Rieter-Biedermann , n.

Violin Partita No.3 in E major, BWV 1006 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

Arranger Andreas Makris — Plate D. Arranger Trey Chever. Arranger K. Arranger Bernhard Manger. Arranger Leon Kruber. Arranger Erkki Melartin Helsingfors: R.

A Musicology of Performance

Westerlund , n. Plate R. Arranger RSB. Plate a. Arranger R.

Bach Violin Partita #3 Prelude: Alex Jacobsen, double bass

Arranger Fritz Kreisler Nadejda Vlaeva piano. Piers Lane piano. Movement 1: Prelude. Track 6 on CDH [3'37].

Track 14 on CDA [2'55]. Track 7 on CDH [2'41]. Track 12 on CDA [3'17].

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  • Track 8 on CDH [1'51]. Track-specific metadata. The G is employed first in the top voice as primary tone and then in the bass as pedal point, also the fifth to the incoming C m.


    Partita No. 3 - Bass scored for 1 Instrument/Continuo

    The C , in a sense, is a midway stopping point from E major on its way to A major. A in measure 53 leads to B, creating yet another third progression G -A -B. As we shall see, the contour of the bass forecasts what is to come; additionally this prelude within the Preludio presents the material for further elaboration and development. Now firmly in A, a memorable passage. Show More.