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Assessment is based on four components of the final grade: 1. Textos selecionados e colocados na plataforma do e-learning. Retrato de Portugal: Factos e acontecimentos. Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Editor.

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Berger, Peter L. Lisboa : Dinalivro. Brym, Robert et al. Cardoso, Gustavo et al. Lisboa: Mundos Sociais.

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Oeiras: Celta Editora. Lisboa: Teorema. The general objectives of this CU aim to the acquisition and development of basic skills to obtain and use sources of statistical information by their students. That will allow students to read, understand and use these sources in a critical fashion. It is also envisaged that students may know the characteristics of the Portuguese society through the official statistical information, as well as the respective articulation with the national scientific production in sociology and political science that uses this empirical resources.

Statistics and society. Statistical indicators: concept, definition and use. Statistics metadata. Caution on reading and interpreting statistical information. National statistics system: history, organization and institutions PC4. Internacional statistics system. Organization and presentation of statistical data: designing tables and graphics with Excel.

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Statistical themes a Population and families. The assessment comprises two systems: 1 continuous, 2 final. This assessment will reveal the written and oral skills, the quality of the research made and the acquired skills. Besson, Jean-Louis org. Besson, Jean-Louis b , "Les statistiques: vraies ou fausses? Lisboa, INE. XXII 77 , pp. XXXV , pp. XL , pp. Jannuzzi, Paulo , Indicadores Sociais no Brasil. Sorrentino, Constance , "International unemployment rates: how comparable are they", Monthly Labor Review June , pp.

Develops the concepts of methods and techniques; captures the dynamic nature of the research process; emphasizes, in particular, the questionnaire survey. Develops, on the one hand, the reflective capacity of students to the design of the research project, the delineation of the universe and the construction of the sample, preparation of the questionnaire and its application in the field, data processing and interpretation of sociological and sociopolitical results and, on the other hand, a critical perspective on the potential significance of statistical data.

Research, methods and operationalization of conceptual units 1. The sociological research: quantitative approach 2.

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Concepts operationalization II Delineating the scope of empirical: Populations and Samples 1 Statistical Representativity 2 Main sampling techniques III Survey questionnaire 1 Objectives, hypotheses and construction of the questionnaire 2 Problems related to the construction of questions 3 Application of the questionnaire 4 Construction of the array of results and treatment planning data 5 Questionnaires online IV Data Analysis. The regular assessment takes individual part ,and groupal part.

The contents of the reports in the e-learning platform. The students who enroll in regular assessment may, in case of disapproval, submit to examination 2nd season. Paris, Calmann Levy, Foundations of empirical research? KISH, L. The period of consolidation of sociology after World War II is shaped by the differentiation of objects, languages and methodologies. In this context, emphasis is given to the articulation between diversity of theories and unity of the disciplinary field.

The approach of the contents and the teaching methodologies used have five main objectives: to introduce to the languages that structure the theoretical field of sociology; to understand the coherence of each theory discussed, and to identify cross-cutting issues that help establishing links between them; to recognize the multiplicity of meanings given to the same vocabulary; to question the relationship between the diversity of the theoretical references and the construction of research objects; to reflect about the links between the historical experience of the authors and the design of their work in sociological theories.

Strutural-functionalism 1. The "Grand Theory" Talcott Parsons 2. Merton II: Conflict Theories 1.

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The functions of the conflict Lewis Coser 2. Functionalism superseded? Ralf Dahrendorf III. Symbolic Interactionnism - Erving Goffman 1. From reflexive identity to society George H.

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Mead, Herbert Blumer 2. From the dramaturgy of everyday life to the theory of interaction Erving Goffman IV. Critical Theories 1. The critique of technical and scientific rationality Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse 2. Periodic assessment includes two written tests; with consultation of the Syllabus. In addition, interested students may hand in a 3rd assignment: a short essay on a recent conference or publication.

This assignment only will be taken into account if its result improves the final mark for details, see the field "Observations". As an alternative: final exam, no consultation material allowed. Blumer, H.

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Mead", in: Rhea ed. Coser, L.

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Dahrendorf, R. Goffman, E. Habermas, J. Horkheimer, M. Marcuse, H. Mead, G. Merton, R. Parsons, T. Baert, P. Coser, Lewis A. Ferreira, J. Giddens, Anthony, e Jonathan H. Turner orgs. Scott, John , Sociological Theory. Contemporary Debates, 2. Oxford, Blackwell. Turner, Bryan S.