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Arranged marriage: Family expectations, cultural traditions, or religious beliefs bring our lovers together or try to keep them apart. MMM Athlete: Sure, there are the big four—baseball, basketball, football, and hockey—but there are plenty of other sports around for one or both of our lovers to play.

The sibling has always been taboo, but true passion upsets the status quo. AR Class warfare: One lover comes from money and social status, the other lacks both, but sparks fly once they meet. RF, MMM, SS Consanguinity: The lovers are cousins, step-siblings, or other relatives close enough to know each other but distant enough to flame a romance. Cowboy: Sometimes an alpha hero, a cowboy can be historical or contemporary, in his element e. Enemies to lovers: Our lovers are enemies business rivals, part of a family feud, law enforcement and criminal, etc.

HH Fairytale: A traditional fairytale is retold in an alternate cultural or historical setting. Fake relationship: In order to solve an exterior plot problem, our lovers pretend to have a relationship often engagement, but sometimes friendship or marriage , frequently including elaborate rules and limitations for that relationship.

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RF, MMM, SS Fling: Our lovers intend their relationship to last for a short time from one night to a specific longer period, such as a vacation or a work project , but their relationship grows beyond those limitations. MMM Friends to lovers: Our lovers have been friends for some time, but only now are discovering that they want something more from their relationship.

See also, Band of brothers. Jilted bride: Our heroine is left at the altar, but she discovers true love with the hero. CS Kidnapped: A criminal kidnaps a victim and both parties realize they have romantic feelings for each other. Law enforcement: At least one of our lovers works in law enforcement bounty hunter, FBI, police, etc. Love triangle: One lover must choose between two potential matches.

Maid: One lover usually female is a housekeeper maid, janitor, etc for the other. Mail-order bride: One lover usually male requests a spouse through print or electronic services. Marriage of convenience: Our lovers are determined to marry but they feel no love for each other; rather, there is some business or social reason that compels their relationship. MMM Matchmaker: A matchmaker unites two lovers. This story can either be about how the two lovers make their relationship work, or it can be about how the matchmaker falls in love with one of the matched lovers.

CH, DD, TD On the road: Our lovers are on a road trip or boat trip or plane trip or whatever , out of their element, encountering new experiences as their relationship grows. SS On the rocks: Our lovers are united as the action of the story begins, but their relationship is going through hard times.

Four erotic historical novellas set in a Regency-Era Sex Club. Includes older maid finding her sexy self! New Orleans-set romantic suspense; heroine is suspect in TV evangelist murder. Hero is DA. Old school romance. Heroine has one torrid night with stepbrother before running to Italy, love triangle develops with gorgeous Italian in the seminary. Delicious and sexy and very very old school. Hero loses his fiancee to her shenanigans, forces her to help him find a new wife.

Sports contemporary. Journalist heroine, Arrogant hockey goalie hero. Deliciously funny. Regency historical, lower-class. Second chance at love -- Heroine is a fence, hero is her first love, once accused of murder, now back to win her. NYC-set contemporary, category romance. Bartender heroine loses apartment, must move in with sexy, amazing, single boss. As one does. Bodyguard romance in reverse. Heroine is a member of the Royal Guard, sent to retrieve a cocky prince on walkabout and bring him home to resume his duties. Secret identities and sexytimes. Book 1 of a 2 book story — Book 2 is Cheeky King.

Small town contemporary.

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Heroine reunites with estranged mother, must face her past. Sexy local carpenter helps.

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They see through each other's secrets. Regency debut that harkens back to the heyday of historicals Four-volumes about young Ivy Leavold, who turns up at her cousin's home to find her dead, and her husband deeply compelling. Think sexy Jane Eyre. LA-set contemporary.

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Linguist heroine. Rat-catcher hero. So good. An unrequited love story set in the NBA, heroine is in an abusive relationship with a basketball player, loved from afar by one of his rivals. She survives, finds hope and love. American heroine with perfect life arrives in St. Petersburg to discover her dead father has left her a multimillion-dollar and a business arrangement with a billionaire French media mogul. Forthright mathematician heroine and a terribly handsome duke work together to unlock a cipher that promises wild riches. Sexy contemporary erotica. Con artist heroine tries to game super broken Alpha billionaire hero who is instantly drawn to her.

Delicious contemporary that is part billionaire romance, part motorcycle romance, and part best friend's older brother romance. So, pure catnip. Imagine if the XMen were less superhero-y and also sexy, broken men. Add in serial-killers and a heroine with a secret. When a small-town pastor and the owner of a sex-toy pavilion let sparks fly, they FLY. First in a delicious, catnippy series. Second in a delightful erotic historical series -- hero is an Alpha submissive, heroine is the girl he loved madly but got away because he was afraid to tell her the truth.

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Second-chance inspirational romance story in Georgia between a teacher and the boxer who left to make his fortune so he could return worthy of her. Virgin heroine hires a male escort to take her virginity.

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Intense and romantic and complex. Gothic Regency -- grave robbers sell the hero to the heroine's father for anatomy research, not realizing he's not actually dead he's actually a duke! Very bananas. Australian Rugby player and the sexy plus-sized heroine who wins his heart. He doesn't believe in commitment; she won't settle for anything less Possibly my favorite romance of all time. Definitely my favorite hero. Derek Craven is one of the first working-class historical heroes ever written, and this book will destroy you in all good ways.

A food critic and a chef go head-to-head in New York City. Beautiful secondary love story, which arcs over the whole, delicious series. Delicious enemies to lovers romance -- hero has been dumped by his fiancee and is convinced her best friend is the reason why Four years after the heroine confessed her feelings for the playboy hero and he did not reciprocate, he comes back into her life to fight for her. Incredibly intense erotic contemporary romance.

Heroine is a senior in college, hero is a literature professor 10 years her senior.

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This book will gut you. Sexy contemporary; first person hero POV. A broad, sweeping romance that harkens back to the epics of the 80s and 90s. Hero and heroine were childhood sweethearts before he had to escape the orphanage where they lived. He's back, trying to win her under a different name. New York-set paranormal; billionaire dragon shifter hero. Thief heroine steals one penny from his hoard.

He tracks her down. A bored duke finds love with the brilliant lady owner of the sex club that is his refuge. Tremendously fun catnip sexy contemporary about an arrogant hero who's phone lands in a strange woman's possession.

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They begin a texting relationship. The whole troubleshooters series is fabulous, but this one is my favorite. Owner of personal-ad newspaper and a man looking for an eloped couple go searching together.