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Transforming the way people see the world, through film.

Highly intelligent and sporty not to mention incredibly attractive , a Rosie is a girl who is fun-loving and always tries to make everyone happy. Often possessing gold hair and large warm brown eyes, Rosie's have an amazing talent for performing on stage - she is talented at both singing and acting. She is always there to listen and console, or even just offer a shoulder to cry on; she is sweet and open and, though she may not realise it, very very popular! A Rosie will not forgive easily, instead keeping to her select group of very close friends and avoiding contact with the offender ; however she is content to stay with friends whom she trusts implicitly.

Rosie's also often fear being forgotten. However this could never happen as anyone who meets a Rosie will never forget her! Girls want to be her and both girls and guys alike want to be friends with her! A Rosie is perfect in every way. Guy: Hey, who's she? She's stunning! Girl: That's Rosie. She can do everything! Rosie is a beautiful girl who will always be there for you through the ups and downs of your life. Rosie is usually a nickname given to a Rosemary.

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Rosie will look hot in anything she wears but Rosie's best colours are Green, Red, and blue. Rosie will be kind but agressive, modest or immodest Rosie can be a bit strange sometimes but who isn't? Rosie is very protective of herself and her friends and is not afraid to kick to get her way so watch out! If you are lucky enough to meet a Rosie make sure that you don't lose her because if you do you will realize that you have made a mistake!

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Zoe: " look at Rosie, I miss her so much, I wish we were still friends : " Sophia : "Im sure that if you apoligised that she would forgive you" Zoe: " You are right Sophia I mean Rosie is so forgiving like that, Thanks! Rosie is a sweet beautiful girl. She is serious and loving.

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She has hair that will trap you in its curls, eyes like an angel and the most beautiful smile you've ever seen. If Rosie smiles at you then you will fall in love and your heart will be crushed because her love belongs to someone else. I met my Rosie last night. Now she is all I think of but she won't text me back. Water sporting December 15 Matriculate Unus Annus They felt they were her.

It made networks reevaluate what the stay-at-home moms wanted to see. Even Oprah had to rejigger the content of her show, covering fewer tabloid stories and more celebrity interviews — and products, such as her annual Christmas list of favorite things.

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She was also a tastemaker. After she showed her audience a Tickle Me Elmo doll, it became the sold-out holiday toy of , fetching thousands of dollars on eBay.

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She sang songs about getting a mammogram for breast cancer month, which saved lives. She conducted one of the first interviews in the US with J. Rowling, after Rosie discovered Harry Potter before the rest of us. At the end of their talk, she gave Rowling a home computer a Mac desktop because Rosie felt bad that the future billionaire wrote her novels in longhand.

DeGeneres came out in , which marked a turning point in the culture. She arrived in the studio at a. So did the people around her, which could be grueling for a staff largely composed of nocturnal animals. Even as she hosted a live TV show, she kept an eye on the monitors behind the cameras at all times, calling out which shots she wanted with her own unique hand gestures.

She cycled through four directors in her first seven months.

Rosie was furious one day when a producer patched in a call from the mayor of Philadelphia, who was supposed to offer her the keys to the city. This turned out to be a prank. The voice on the other end was Captain Janks from Howard Stern, who berated her.

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She was devastated that her team had let the call through without properly vetting it. Mega stardom had other drawbacks. The paparazzi would stalk her on vacations. When she returned to work, Kellison pulled out a tabloid that had run the photographs. She fired Kellison and replaced him with McLoughlin, who lasted a year before going back to Los Angeles to Telepictures.


Rosie told St. Onge that she stressed her out as an assistant, but Rosie eventually let her audition as a writer, where she thrived. To accommodate her mostly female staff, Rosie built a full day-care center in the corner of her studio, so that parents could bring their kids age one and older to work as she did with Parker.

The babysitting services were free of charge; Hugh Jackman stopped by to play blocks with the kids. Onge said. The list of celebrities who needed Rosie to promote their latest projects never diminished. They appeared alongside Hollywood titans such as Cher, Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Tom Cruise, whose arrival was marked by a cardboard countdown clock as the day approached. But nothing compared to her ultimate interview. Rosie burst into tears the moment Streisand walked onstage, saying that she felt as if her mother had come back to life.

Streisand likes to be shot from the left side of her face, so Rosie flipped her entire set so that Barbra would be seen from her best angle. Rosie even did it a few weeks early, to hide the true motive behind the redesign. Rosie was aghast that her hero had been relegated to the second guest spot, behind the actress Sofia Vergara. The email read, Go to hell. When I first met her in , she offered me a tour of her movie-star house on the Hudson River. She arrived wearing a baggy hoodie from the musical Hamilton, offering me so much information in the first two minutes, I had to race to turn on my tape recorder.

Her stories were packed with kaleidoscopic asides that overtook her original points. In , at the height of her talk show fame, Rosie had a breakdown. She traced the cause to the Columbine High School massacre that took the lives of twelve students and one teacher. And then I fell through the ice.

Rosie antagonized Whoopi before the new season even began.

I was finally famous and powerful, and in my world that came with a magic wand for justice. I was going to cure a lot of diseases.

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  5. I was going to call all the famous billionaire women; we were going to form the Justice League of Women. I had dreams that there were people in my house. I woke up every twenty minutes.