Guide Soulmate Hunting After 40: The Mature Persons Guide to Finding and Keeping Love and Happiness

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Thanks for writing this. I thought i have problems with myself but after reading this it made me realize that what i felt is just normal. Really glad i read your article. I need deep, meaningful, intimate connection with people. Sure, I considered the people I worked with every day as my friends and their greetings brought me pleasure. But I needed more than just saying hi, a quick hug, or a quick conversation. Being free to explore the world is great.

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But I also need deep, sustained, meaningful, dependable connections with other people to thrive in the long term. I need these close relationships in my life to help me stay sane and healthy! No matter what happens, if I at least have that one person standing by me, believing in me, being there for me, then I know that it will be okay; life might suck, but at least I have another person to be in it with.

That said, I would never encourage any woman to give up her dreams for a significant other. I believe that healthy relationships are ones in which the partners continue to grow and develop both together and as individuals. This is really true. I want to travel the world and focus on myself and living my own life the way I want to before I start making someone else my whole life. Hello Beth! I encourage what you are trying to do and I respect it. You have your own plans that only involve yourself, but what if I would tell you, that if you find tomorrow that man you were talking about, he could be able to fit your plans, join you and make it even better than it was going to be on your own.

If you want to travel and do whatever you want, is it too insane to believe that someone will let you do whatever you feel like doing and he will also join you? Think about it and be aware to identify what Life gives us. Love is sneaky, yet hiding in plain sight.

People search and push and prod and drive love into their mind, of how it should be and who it should resemble and the exact way everything should happen instead of letting things unravel as God intended. I feel as if one day you just kinda get smacked with it. This idea of having to have someone. I love this piece. Live life to the absolute fullest and when the time comes to find it, you will one way or another.

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I just finished a 4 year relationship last January, and I am dating a new guy now. I must admit, the first time I read this article, I was easily swayed by its strong sense of thought-provoking and intellectual points. It bothered me for once because I found this very relatable.

Knowing what won’t work is as useful as knowing what will

Then this new guys came to me and said he wanted me in his life. I guess women have different ways of living out their life. Hi Beth! I read every word you wrote. Right from the very first paragraph, I thought it was my own writing. It was a magical experience reading this piece. Cheers to you and your passion! I hope I can also write for a website like this one. That I can be happy and after half a year of going I learned how to be happy and I learned the importance of autonomy and autonomy in a relationship.

Find happiness within yourself, too. Thank you for writing this. I do not think I have ever read something that completely explains how I feel about my life and love as well as this does. I am also a 21 year old almost 22 that is about to graduate and move to a currently unknown city for graduate school. This time in our lives is definitely the most exciting and adventurous, and I completely agree that wanting to leave every door open is a great ambition.

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Thank you so much for reminding me of who I am and what I want to do! I have saved this posts, so whenever I feel lost or confused about life or love I can be reminded of my goals and what I want to do. Good luck with whatever adventure you face next! I had a serious boyfriend from and during that time, my life revolved around him.

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Granted, that is not moment I am at all proud of or how I should have handled the situation. But looking back now, it is without a doubt the absolute best thing I have ever done with my life. We broke up, life moved on, I started over and I built the life I wanted for myself and I did the things I wanted to do and I lived how I wanted to live. I started realizing how to be an adult, really. I fell in love again about a year after that first breakup. The kind of love that is hard and fast and hits you like a ton of bricks. He encouraged me to be everything I wanted to be and helped me become more independent and self-sufficient. He challenged me — changed me for the better — made me look at things from a completely different perspective.

This one, the one who taught me so much about myself, destroyed my heart. But again — I learned so many important things from my time with him. I grew my confidence through him, learned to be independent and to ask for what I want and not be ashamed to be unabashedly myself.

So I took my newfound confidence and put it to use and did something for me. I traveled by myself to 6 new states and 8 new cities in half a year. I bought the cheapest plane tickets to wherever I found, hopped a flight and figured it out when I got there. During my adventures I made friends, I asked strangers for advice and I sat quietly on ocean shorelines, mountain passes and in city parks learning how to love myself in and out of a relationship. I continue every day to figure out life. I absolutely support and believe in you to find yourself and experience your life how you want it before you are ready to take the leap into being with someone else.

I hope I never stop learning how to be alone and enjoy my company. I hope I never stop learning about how to be the best significant other I can possibly be for someone. I hope I never stop learning about myself through lessons taught by others. Every year, every new experience, every new guy, every new trip I continue to learn more and more about myself just like you and many other people will.

Hi Ms. Thank you very much for writing this. I had to share this to everyone. I just turned 23 last month. At the age of 23, almost 24, I am the captain of that ship. I think will forever be on that ship. I prefer making decisions that can further my life for the better. I was offered a job in Texas. I currently live in Pennsylvania. Making risks in life is so much easier when you only need to think about yourself. But thank you Beth, you make me understand I am not in this alone, and how I need to work to make my life feel complete by myself.

I have dreams and I want to feel whole. We have our family and that is true love. Thanks for this article Ms.

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Must be nice to have these problems. Most people in the world your age are struggling to survive or trying to keep their children alive. Beth, you have a good head on your shoulders.