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One at a time, until the Herod of The Harbor finally obeys. Graphic scenes of violence, sex and torture. A view of Christ's final days had She lived in our modern world. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. A cruel, futuristic vision created by science fiction authors James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills.

All Rights Reserved. All writings available through Amazon. Read Like The Devil.

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Read It. Ban It? Burn It! Authored by D.

Bizarro fiction

Sutter April 2, MorbidbookS. Wicked Candy "Jam packed with horror, laughs, pop culture history and more, this one is a must have for lovers of the macabre, the bizarre and the hilarious. Peachy Gizzard and the Spheres of Glammeth "And thus I remained for all time in stillness and motion, fullness and emptiness. My Lovely Wife The 'gross-mantic' tale of a man who falls in love with a trachea ring.

Vengeance of the Vigilante Roller Sluts " TWENTY-ONE: A THESIS "I speak only in thinly veiled euphemisms — hanging out with friends means going to the bar; being tired means too many sleepless nights on amphetamine; going grocery shopping means robbing Price Chopper blind; filling a prescription means visiting my dealer; going to the bank means pawning my possessions Blogs I Follow K.

Meyers whipstitchbitch's bipolar sewing bananza poetreecreations.


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Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. Ms' Blog Just another WordPress. Ghost Cities Tales of Mystery and the Supernatural. Colleen Ponce.

The inexplicable horrors they experienced there haunted them for 13 years, driving one to suicide, another into an asylum, and two more to drink. When new evidence suggests their traumatic shared hallucinations in the mansion might actually be true, the surviving members, their dog sidekick, and the ghost of their former friend head back to Blyton Hills for one last crack at the case.


The co-authors remain true to their characters, creating a host of men and women with agency and intriguing character arcs to operate within their fantastical, otherworldly framework. Philip, the former lead singer of Detroit rock band the Danes, was a washed-up recording engineer when the army decided to bring his band back into their service, tracking down a mysterious sound in the African desert. Cutter builds suspense by introducing the three protagonists in their broken, post-Little Heaven states, then flashing back to show how they were undone by the deals they made with the horrifying evil residing in the huge obsidian monolith the cult worships.

He also fills the book with mix-and-match creatures, creepy undead children, sinister occult practices, and more horrors to keep you up nights, just wondering if that noise outside was made by the wind, or by a bear with six bird heads stuck to its shoulders.

Probably just the wind…right? Machado walks the line between the beautiful and the disturbing, wringing arresting images out of green ribbons, girls with bells sewn over their eyes, and yet more bizarre plot elements. These four short novels share a connective thread: despite the bizarre natural phenomena they explore, it is the human monsters that truly terrify.

Get ready for sentient bread, state-controlled magic, Moon heists, and djinn cities.

Like thunderclouds gathering, each novel forms a cloud of dread and foreboding, until the terrible events finally rain down on the hapless, imperfectly human characters. These are four tightly plotted, unnerving examples of the talents of a dark fiction master at his best, even with a much smaller page count. In his introduction, Mark Morris writes that he was inspired to create his own anthology series by the annual horror anthologies he grew up reading, works showcasing the best of the genre, packed to bursting with well-crafted stories from the masters of horror all over the country, and perhaps, all over the world.

Nevill , and established masters Brian Keene, Ramsey Campbell Morris delivers an unusually powerful slate of stories that hopefully signal the start of a brand new trend in horror fiction. New Fears is a collection of dark corners, and perfect for cold, dark nights; its showcase of talent makes it an excellent gateway drug for the genre as a whole.

As the name suggests, these were movies made specifically for TV, designed to air once or twice and never been seen again. These are the best horror books of Tags: a god in the shed , after the end of the world , best of , black mad wheel , carmen maria machado , chalk , christina henry , edgar cantero , editors' picks , entropy in bloom , final girls , her body and other parties , it devours , j-f- dubeau , jeffrey cranor , jeremy robert johnson , joe hill , john darnielle , jonathan l.

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