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You'll find 75 guidelines, each presented consistently and intuitively. For each guideline, conformance requirements are specified; for most, noncompliant code examples and compliant solutions are also offered. The authors explain when to apply each guideline and provide references to even more detailed information. Reflecting pioneering research on Java security, Java TM Coding Guidelines offers updated techniques for protecting against both deliberate attacks and other unexpected events.

You'll find best practices for improving code reliability and clarity, and a full chapter exposing common misunderstandings that lead to suboptimal code. With a Foreword by James A. Gosling, Father of the Java Programming Language.

The CERT Oracle secure coding standard for Java /Fred Long [and four others]. – National Library

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It has become a cornerstone in the implementation of continuous improvement for both industry and governments around the world. Rich in both detail and guidance for a wide set of organizational domains, the CMMI Product Suite continues to evolve and expand. The book now al..

This book aims to provide help and advice for IT professionals in this situation by offering solutions to the most commonly encountered problems, such as getting a project out on time, coping with the demands of leading a team, implementing new methodologies or technologies. It is written by a team leader for other team leaders with a focus on practical advice rather than management theory or process issues. It would be targeted at experienced software engineers, developers and architects who have been promoted to the role of team leader.

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Effective decisions are crucial to the success of any software project, but to make better decisions you need a better decision-making process. In Evaluating Project Decisions , leading project management experts introduce an innovative decision model that helps you tailor your decision-making process to systematically evaluate all of your decisions and avoid the bad choices that lead to project failure. Using a real-world, case study approach, the authors show how to evaluate software project problems and situations more effectively, thoughtfully assess your alternatives, and improve the decisions you make.

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Programmers have lots of sources of advice on correctness, clarity, maintainability, performance, and even safety. Advice on how specific language features affect security has been missing.

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Now CERT has embodied the advice of leading technical experts to give programmers and managers the practical guidance needed to avoid those problems in new applications and to help s.. Garcia and Turner have given us a practical roadmap that addresses the key points to learn as well as the many potholes to avoid. Their Survival Guide is a most valuable resource for the journey. It will help immeasurably in achieving the process improvement that you seek. Reifer, President, Reifer Consultants, Inc.

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It] is likely to become a standard for test training as well as a good reference for professional testers and developers. Think of them as "anti-patterns.. Introduction to the Personal Software Process sm.

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