Guide Thermal Considerations for Utilities in Cold Regions (Engineering SoundBites)

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Indonesia might go sooner, or later, etc. Some regulars here point out that if we cut our use of fossil fuels by fifty percent, within a certain time frame, and then give them up altogether, we have a shot at survival. Regional collapse, in one region after another, could result in a fifty percent reduction in the global use of fossil fuels, even without considering depletion, new technology, or environmental regulation. Naked apes really ARE incredibly good at surviving almost anywhere on this planet.

A bunch of Inuit could probably learn to survive even in Antarctica, given time, by harvesting such seafood as they could obtain close to shore, and storing it for winter use. Given a long life to be lived again, I could gradually switch from producing the crops and livestock common to my area,mountainous western Virginia , to producing a mix more like the one representative of Georgia, to one more like the one common in Louisiana, to one similar to the one that prevails in the tropical mountainous areas of Mexico, etc.

There may be naked apes around a hundred thousand years from now, or even a million years. There will be some people in Madagascar, most likely, and some in Norway and Denmark, and some in Yankee Land, more likely than not, a few hundred years down the road. There might even be a hundred million Yankees with running water and electricity. I put my time in in a good university,with an emphasis on the study of the biological and physical sciences and their application to the field of agriculture, and I have read hundreds of books, thousands of books, over the last half century, a good many of them history and hard science books.

I maintain that we have a fighting chance as a species, and that some of us have at least a fair chance of maintaining an industrial civilization of sorts. But a few million of us, maybe even a few hundred millions of us , may be around for thousands of years yet.

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  • Science Marchers, Secretary Perry’s Memo and Bill Nye’s Optimism.

Did the steam engine really increased the carring capacity? Or were it developements in chemistry and medicine? They are factors along side many scientific discoveries and engineering feats which have allowed for the exponential increase in carrying capacity.

But as usual there is always unforeseen issues that arise. For example advances in medicine such as antibiotics and vaccines seem very noble and effective from a subjective viewpoint. But objectively, they have contributed to the accumulation of deleterious genes in the gene pool. Not to mention surplus population. Update on Photon Harvest Outfitting. PV prices continue to fall, Resi Storage not.

Thermal Considerations for Utilities in Cold Regions (Engineering SoundBites)

Add Storage as it becomes more affordable. Twisting Contexts and Psychological Projection. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

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  4. It incorporates blame shifting. The majority of electricity that is generated by renewables is used in manufacturing, mining, and other industries that are destroying the planet. Every electrical device, in the process of production, leaves behind the same trail of devastation. Living communities — forests, rivers, oceans — become dead commodities. The emissions reductions that renewables intend to achieve could be easily accomplished by improving the efficiency of existing coal plants, businesses, and homes, at a much lower cost. Within the context of industrial civilization, this approach makes more sense both economically and environmentally.

    That this approach is not being taken shows that the whole renewables industry is nothing but profiteering. It benefits no one other than the investors…. Both are grievous injuries. The only way out of a double bind is to smash it: to refuse both choices and craft a completely different path.

    We support neither fossil fuels [n]or renewable tech. The amount of energy generated by renewables has been increasing, but so has the amount generated by fossil fuels. No coal or gas plants have been taken offline as a result of renewables. The rest is oil, gas, and other fossil fuel derivatives. And even that would have little meaning, as the amount of energy being used is increasing rapidly.

    The amount of energy used in the mining, manufacturing, research and development, transport, installation, maintenance, grid connection, and disposal of wind turbines and solar panels may be more than they ever produce; claims to the contrary often do not take all the energy inputs into account. Renewables have been described as a laundering scheme: dirty energy goes in, clean energy comes out.

    The production of electric cars requires energy from fossil fuels for most aspects of their production and distribution. This requirement is perhaps even more extreme with electric cars as there is a need to manufacture them to be as lightweight as possible, due to the weight of the battery packs. Many lightweight materials utilized are extremely energy intensive to produce, such as aluminum and carbon composites. This is why you will probably never see an electric truck — they are just too heavy. And of course, trucks are required for extraction, and fossil fuels drive all trucks.

    Manual Thermal Considerations for Utilities in Cold Regions (Engineering SoundBites)

    A recent study by the National Academies, which analyzed the effects of vehicle construction, fuel extraction, refining, emissions, and other factors, has shown that the lifetime health and environmental impacts of electric vehicles are actually greater than those of gasoline-powered cars. Humans, like other animals, get our energy mainly by eating other plants and animals. Plants gather energy from the sun. No species needs electricity for survival.

    Nuclear power - Edexcel - Revision 2 - GCSE Physics (Single Science) - BBC Bitesize

    Only the industrial system needs electricity to survive. Right now, food and habitat for living beings are being sacrificed to feed electricity. The infrastructure, mines, processing, and waste dumping required for electrical generation is destroying forests and other natural places around the world. Electricity has only been in common use since the s or later in large parts of the world. Many people in the majority world have no electricity at home, even now. There are plenty of ways of meeting our needs that are not dependent on electricity.

    Dependence on industrial technology can easily become a cult of progress, and can lead people away from traditional, sustainable ways of living. By that, we are talking about photosynthesis and muscle power. Perennial polycultures, both cultivated and wild, can also supply the other basics necessities of life: clean water, clean air, material for clothing and shelter, and spiritual nourishment.

    Instead, we stand in solidarity with the natural world and communities that are impacted by industrial extraction all around the world. Not so fast Jose!

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    This quoted passage, while trying to give the appearance of being a balanced critique of renewables makes several broad sweeping claims that I find difficult to substantiate:. This is stated as if it is a set of facts when it is likely more of an opinion. It would be interesting to see the data on which these statements are based but alas, no real basis for these statements is given. This is a very questionable statement. The emissions reductions renewables intend to ultimately achieve are, zero emissions, impossible with any FF burning plant. This sound like the ideas that would be coming from FF funded think tanks i.

    FF industry propaganda. Again, where is the data to back up this claim? Again, an opinion masquerading as fact. Could be FF industry propaganda, such as has been adopted and is being propagated by the current right wing administrations in the USA and Australia, along with right wing media outlets in both countries. In which cases? How so?

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    Where is the data to back up this claim? Cottam closure to take UK coal power plant count down to six Feb 7, Western Australia to close Muja coal units — to lower power bills, stabilise grid August 6, The government said demand for the kind of coal-fired baseload power generated by the 40 year-old plant, which is operated by state-owned company Synergy, was in decline, and was being undercut by the boom in residential rooftop solar on the South West Interconnected System.

    On top of that, the high operating costs of Muja C, and increased maintenance due to the additional cycling of the plant — it is only being used around 35 per cent of the time — would force power prices up if it remained open. Where is the data to back this up? Where are the studies and who funded the studies?

    This sounds like FF industry propaganda to me. I will not continue this paragraph by paragraph critique but, suffice to say, astute readers should already be detecting several glaring weaknesses in this piece. While the author may not be knowingly supporting the FF industries, they have unwittingly propagated several memes put forward by FF industry supporters. Also, people should note that DGR is a radical, feminist, anarchistic website that promotes sabotage. DGR is spot-on.

    Guest post: Why German coal power is falling fast in Notably, the decline in coal generation in has happened without any major power station closures. According to Energy Charts, a website maintained by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, the installed hard coal capacity is Monthly electricity generation from lignite brown line and hard coal black , terawatt hours, from January through the end of June Source: Energy Charts. Chart by Carbon Brief using Highcharts.