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Your Comment. Cancel Comment. May 14 Going to sing this in a Crusade tonight in India. Apr 10 Dec 31 David New Jersey, United States. Nov 27 Apr 15 Leigh Powell. Feb 23 This is the exact wordings and lyrics of this hymn, Amen. Oct 11 The refrain of the hymn I am searching for is: This is the day that the Lord has made, Alleluia Be glad this day and every day, allelu, alleluia Part of a verse, the best I can remember, is: Praises sing to Christ our King, who's risen as He said From now on, we'll live anew, As we have been led Oct 9 Jul 9 Psalm Jul 3 Anonymous United States. I am going out of town with my family tomorrow.

I have a lot to get done before we step on the plane.

I woke up with my mind spinning on repeat: work, write, errands, kids, meals, cleaning, dog. All the things I want or need to do today. Over and over. I knew I was overwhelmed by this day. Plus a cushion later tonight to re-read and edit. And I know exactly when I am doing all my other tasks. The best part of planning the day is that I am not wasting time with anxiety about when I will get it all done. Because I already know. I wrote down all the crazy things that were in my head.

When you think of the same things over and over, it feels like the tornado from the Wizard of Oz. But making the list takes no time at all.

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Because it was right on the tip of my brain already. Some things on your list will take 15 minutes or less. I group those things together. In my case, its things like putting the mail on hold while we are out of town. Little odds and ends.

This Is The Day

I will group those things together. Then there are longer things. Finishing up the last pieces of a consulting project. Those each need at least an hour if not several hours.

So, I wrote down on my list how long each thing will take. And grouped together the shorter items that I can do in the same location. Again, this step only took me a few minutes. Right now, I have a few hours that are open. At 4p, I have to pick my kids up from camp. We usually hang out after camp or school and then have dinner between —6p. My kids have been going to bed pretty late, around 9p.

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But after dinner my husband usually does something with them, like throw a baseball. So, I know that 4—7p will not be a good time for tasks, because I will be with my family. That means I need to get the bulk of my activities done between now and p when I need to leave the house for camp pickup. That still gives me 6 hours to complete everything. Six hours sounds like a lot of time.

Once again, this step only took me a few minutes.

Let us rejoice

Finally, I figure out the best time slot for each activity. Catholic Priest Author.

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Ugandan Martyrs. Witness to Love. Tuesday Morning Prayer Sanctify your day. Divine Office. Tuesday Evening Prayer Sanctify your day.