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Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop. Someone told me once that great songs come out of hard times But that makes the album all the more special to the group, and the resonance all the more powerful for listeners. Feeling the grind of 15 years in the music industry catch up to them in their personal and professional lives, the group found themselves facing the pressing question of how to persist.

Why saying the unsaid is the hardest and most important thing we will do

Adding gospel influences to their soulful-pop sound, they poured the hard-fought-for truth into their songs. Later, the corrupt viceroy Kadlec the Seeker led the king to suspect the young princes were conspiring to steal the throne, and Elisha , one of the Alpha Primitives, convinced the two brothers that the king was plotting their demise, due to being humiliated when they saved his life.

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After this, the king dispatched Kadlec and Karnak to bring the teens back, but Karnak betrayed Kadlec and escaped to search for his missing brother Triton. Meanwhile the king had already selected Gorgon as his new viceroy and had given him the mission of understanding the real reason the teens had fled, since he was starting to distrust Kadlec.

Some time later, he stole the Slave Engine , his people's greatest weapon, along with the Xerogen Crystals it utilized and buried them somewhere in Tibet , for fear that it would corrupt his people and become a power too great for any Inhuman to wield.

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This led to a duel between himself and the heir to the throne, young Blackagar Boltagon who advocated the possession of the Slave Engine for Attilan's protection. Despite being by far the strongest of the Inhumans, moving the Slave Engine had weakened the Unspoken which led to his defeat at the hands of Blackagar and his friends.

His final stipulation was that his deeds be remembered, but Black Bolt had a crueler fate in mind: the King, his deeds, and the Slave Engine itself, were written out of Inhuman history. From that day, he would be remembered only as a bogeyman to frighten small children.

He would be He was later recovered by the Alpha Primitives , who cared for their fallen king. Realizing his mistake, the Unspoken plotted to return and reclaim his throne, cultivating the Xerogen crystals, only for Attilan to rise into the sky.

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We are thrilled to share these conversations and reveal the divine collective beauty discovered when we speak our truth and share the sacred experiences that bring us back to ourselves. We realize that even with our differences, there is also a oneness in everyone.

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We are all connected when we get to the core of our hearts and souls. It is within these upcoming conversations that we invite you to join us as forever students in this life and to lead with heart, curiosity and wonder.

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Help us expand this growing, inclusive community over these next few months as we discover together that our collective difference is the most beautiful thing about our humanity. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Listen on Spotify.