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You use one of these per drink, and the added waste piles up if you love your coffee. However, Nespresso does run a pod recycling scheme that takes some of the weight of your conscience. Make sure to check out Nespresso pod deals during Black Friday too. These often fly under the radar but could save you a lot of money if you buy a big stash to keep you going for a while. Sage makes some of the best-looking home coffee makers in existence. The Sage The Oracle is decked out in brushed metal, and has the robust lines of a machine that means business.

This is a fully automatic coffee machine, able to make everything from an espresso to a milky macchiato with a swipe and tap at the touchscreen on its front. You may also want to consider the version of the Oracle without the colour screen. This one is semi-automatic but its simpler front-lit display may age a little better as the tech in your home gets upgraded. Not everything needs to connect to Alexa, right? The taste of the coffee is what really drew us to the Sage the Oracle, though.

Well, without surrendering your entire kitchen to the kind of setup they have at the local Costa. It is also one of the most unusual models around. You can also make hot chocolate with this coffee machine, handy if you have kids who will want to get involved but are far too young to start relying on a caffeine hit each morning. This one, of course, takes up much less space so is suitable for any kitchen rather than just a large open plan one.

Some of you may be put off by the price, which seems slightly high for a pod-based coffee maker. And the Nespresso Creatista Plus by Sage does far more than your average pod machine. It has a display up top that lets you select the exactly style of milk foam to match the drink you make. You get the ease of a pod machine with the style and customisation of a high-end automatic. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus looks like a normal pod machine.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus has a feature called Centrifusion.

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This spins the pod up to times a minute, to ensure a proper brew and that all the coffee goodness ends up in your cup, not the bin. M also automatically scans the pod, to recognise the coffee type and work out just what treatment it needs for the best results. For this. That why, if you already know you only do cold brew or know you are brewing for two, you can skip right to the options that are best-suited for your needs. It ticks a lot of boxes for the traveling coffee lover. Relatively compact and typically sold with a useful travel case, this nifty tool works well both in the home and on the road.

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Overall, it measures 4. It makes great, clean-tasting coffee and espresso. After just one or two uses, the methods are easy to pick up and clean-up is super easy.

On the flip side, you do have to make sure you pack enough filters or invest in a reusable metal one , which is still reasonably priced. However, it does brew significantly more coffee at one time. This tool is shatter resistant and has an 8 cup capacity.

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If you like the taste and mouthfeel of French press coffee but need the size and convenience of an Aeropress, the Bodum Travel Press is for you! It measures 3. So you you can count on both hot coffee and a durable container.

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This is a great option if you enjoy French press or cold brew coffee and tend to drink your coffee pretty fast. This is the second smallest, lightest option on the list. Measuring just 4x. Additionally, you do have to remember to pack some paper filters. However, even with the extras, this is still the lightest, most space efficient option.

Additionally, this bottle is fairly easy to clean from filter to casing. Note that you will probably need to use a slightly coarser grind than you would normally for a pour over tool. The main drawback is the price; this is one of the most expensive tools on the list.

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Try the MiniPresso GR. This little hand-operated machine brews one shot at a time with 8 bars of pressure. Furthermore, there are different water tank capacities so you can go from ristretto to lungo without a hitch. As a precaution, we recommend handling it with some care and go gentle on the tamping. Nonetheless, this is one of the best true espresso options for the on-the-go coffee fanatic. If you need something that can put up with a little wear and tear. If you use a pod brewer at home, you may not have loose beans or ground available when you go traveling. For Keurig users, the Rest Myjo is the solution. Designed for use with k-cups, this is a great option if your coffee supply is already entirely composed of coffee pods.

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Easy to use and affordable, this is a great option for die-hard pod-ers. It has a diameter of 4. All you have to do to use it is set the Buddy on your mug, put ground in the mesh and pour water over them. Stay with us here.

Best Portable Coffee Makers

While a couple of the other options here can also do cold brew including either of the French Presses or the Soma Bottle , this may be the best choice for the cold-brew purist. When you make coffee, the machine lets you adjust the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature to suit your taste. This machine is great for cappuccinos and lattes as well as espresso, which comes with an easy-to-drink velvety texture. The steam wand creates smooth micro-foam, which is ideal for those who like to experiment with latte art. Pros: Impressive crema; good variety; looks the part Cons: Will devour countertop space.

It comes with control buttons that are easy to identify, with three buttons for instant espresso, latte and cappuccino and a decent crema to boot. There are also manual settings so you can choose how long you want your coffee and how much to froth the milk. The bar pressure feature means you can create milk foam for cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolates, surprisingly fast. Pros: Fast and fuss free Cons: Frothing wand needs careful positioning. A Wake Up mode lets you set an alarm to brew your drink at a desired time, too. Over time, the app learns your routine and remembers when you have your coffee, so it will be waiting for you when you want it the most.

You can personalise your settings to choose coffee strength and coarseness of the grind - which all have influence on the flavour of your drink - and you can adjust the amount of coffee it makes in its 1. Its design is easy on the eye, too, and it comes with three interchangeable front panels red, cream and black to blend in with a range of kitchen schemes. The best smart coffee machine with presets and personalisation.

This compact bean-to-cup machine can be controlled via its dedicated coffee app or 3. You can choose up to 13 pre-set coffee types, but also programme and personalise drinks for up to six users by simply choosing your strength, length, temperature and type of milk froth you like.

If, like us, you enjoy your coffee hot, the thermal carafe with double wall will come as an added bonus. It keeps milk at the ideal temperature so as to avoid a dreaded luke-warm milky coffee. To make maintenance easy, it has a drip tray with a removable brewing unit and dishwasher-safe grid.

Pros: App control; variety on offer Cons: No complaints - apart from the price. While the water is fed through the capsule it spins at a rate specific to the blend and the rotation forces coffee to exit the capsule, mixing the coffee with air as it hits the wall to create a very dense crema - and on first use we were amazed by how thick the crema was — over an inch, in fact. It can brew four cup sizes including 40ml espresso, ml gran lungo, ml mug and alto ml and takes Grand Cru Nespresso capsules, which are a slightly different shape to those you would use on a standard Nespresso model.

Pros: Provides a wonderful crema, quickly Cons: Limited to Nespresso capsules; no milk frother. The best coffee machine for kitchens with limited space. With a bar pump pressure, we were impressed by the professional results of this ground-coffee espresso machine, which produces a very smooth, frothy coffee and ample amount of crema on top.