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Focus on the battle, the turning point of a war that had up until then been the Confederates' to win. Vicksburg was not just the location of individual battles but also Grant then Even though the city was the site of a major Civil War battle that ultimately turned the tables of the war, Luxury Deep South Self-drive. Booking is done through the Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau by calling As you drive through the battlefield you will see a number of monuments ranging Things to See in Vicksburg Frommer's ; Frommer's reviews the best attractions in Vicksburg, and our free guide tells what to see Travel Guide It does, however, set the stage for a driving tour of the park.

Vicksburg National Military Park - TripAdvisor ; All reviews visitor center driving tour uss cairo civil war both sides audio tour cell phone military park short movie confederate lines two hours several hours own We drive 20 miles north this morning to the battlefield park of Shiloh, one of the There's also the option of taking driving and walking tours of Civil War Now: Today, the battlefield at Vicksburg features 20 miles of reconstructed Dumas , about the book, inspiration, landscape, and more.

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Here's what he had to say Grant's March in Louisiana DD: The book is intended to be used as a tour guide for those who are interested in following the march of Major General U. Grant as he prepared to invade Mississippi in the Spring of The book gives the locations, in GPS coordinates, mileage from one location to the next, photographs and the official transcripts from the war as they relate to the march.

DD: Writing a book is something I always wanted to do. I have been traveling to the Vicksburg area for about 35 years for various reasons, not just for the Civil War.

Also, in trying to locate some of these places, it is easy to get lost or overlook important places. DD: I have always been interested in history. Then I wanted to visit every place mentioned in those books.

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DD: The landscape has really changed since the Civil War. Much of the area was under water when the march occurred.

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The army had to march along the natural levees for most of the march. DD: The best part was learning something new every time I read a book and then actually going out and photographing the sites.

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DD: If this book does well, I would like to write additional guides. WE: Thanks so very much!

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I am so intrigued by this history and book - can't wait to learn more. This sate had more than 36, participants in the Vicksburg Campaign, including a female in disguise named Albert D. Dedicated in , this state's memorial. Born on the day that Robert E. This state's memorial is the only memorial on the battlefield dedicated to soldiers on both sides.

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The famous Confederate ironclad named for this state bravely plunged into the midst of 38 Union warships anchored above Vicksburg in mid-July, Benjamin H. Grierson led one of the greatest calvary raids of the Civil War through the length of this state in the spring of This state's memorial stands within the Great Redoubt, the highest natural elevation in Vicksburg National Military Park. This state's memorial is constructed of red granite and features a live yucca plant. The modem memorial representing this state was erected in and features three circles representing the united, dividedand reunited nation.

Major General E.

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